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Ambulance Driver Training Courses

The path to becoming an ambulance driver in the UK requires dedication and effort, but it’s a rewarding career offering the opportunity to make a real difference in people’s lives.

IMT Medical Driver Training Courses will help you complete the  mandatory qualification for ambulance service drivers in the UK. It is designed to provide learners with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to drive an ambulance safely and effectively in both routine and emergency response conditions.

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The CERAD qualification is delivered through a combination of theory and practical sessions. The theory sessions cover topics such as:

Road rules and regulations

Vehicle safety and maintenance

Emergency procedures

Hazard identification and risk assessment

Driving techniques for emergency response

Communication and teamwork

The practical sessions involve driving an ambulance in a variety of environments, including urban and rural roads, motorways, and simulated emergency scenarios. Learners will also be assessed on their ability to perform vehicle checks, load and unload patients, and deal with challenging driving conditions.

Benefits of the CERAD Qualification

Eligibility for the CERAD Qualification

Course Duration and Structure

Completing the CERAD qualification usually requires a timeframe of around 3 weeks. The total qualification time (TQT) is 165 hours, with Guided Learning Hours (GLH) amounting to 120 hours.

IMT Medical Training Centre have full facilities to be able to provide both the theory and practical portions of the course on-site for your convenience. 

At IMT Medical Training Centre we are pleased to be approved as a training provider of the CERAD qualification, which is accredited by the Qualsafe organisation.

Career Pathways

The CERAD qualification is a valuable asset for ambulance service drivers. It can help you to secure a job with a NHS ambulance service, or with a private ambulance company. The qualification can also make you more competitive for promotion within the ambulance service.

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