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Meet the Team

David Boyd, Head of Training and Development (IQA) at IMT Medical Training Centre

David Boyd

Head of Training and Development (IQA)

David has dedicated his working life to the emergency services, serving 6 years in the Royal Air Force as a firefighter. Subsequently, he worked at the British Steel complex in his hometown before joining the NHS Ambulance Service for 30 years. In the NHS Ambulance Service, David worked as a front-line Paramedic before becoming a full-time clinical and ambulance driving instructor for several years. Later, he became a regional operational manager whilst maintaining a peripatetic training role.

Since leaving the NHS Ambulance Service, David has maintained his Paramedic registration working as a Clinical Lead and CQC Registered Manager, and more recently the Head of Training and Development within the independent ambulance sector.

IMT Medical have an annual Training Needs Analysis (TNA) meeting attended by departmental managers and the training department. Role specific mandatory training is agreed at this meeting and individual training plans introduced. The pre-course training requirements/qualifications for internal and external learners is set by the awarding organisation within each qualification specification. Progression within the qualification is also detailed within the specification should learners wish to progress further.
IMT adopts a wide range of training methods dependant on the qualification being delivered. These are set out in the associated lesson plans. These can range from formal lectures to group work, self-learning, discussion, and practical simulation. At IMT we have a process for identifying whether an individual may require special considerations and/or reasonable adjustments where training methods can be modified in association with the awarding organisation. A wide variety of training methods all set out in lesson plans for each specific qualification.
IMT Medical is a progressive forward thinking independent ambulance provider with a vision to develop clinical and ambulance driver training both internally and commercially. To achieve this vision, the company has already invested in developing modern and up to date training facilities and gaining Qualsafe Awards Centre approval to deliver a wide range of regulated qualifications. To support the vision the company is also investing in appropriately qualified and experienced people to deliver the vision and I had no hesitation in accepting an offer to become part of Team IMT.

Christopher Hood, Emergency Response Driving Instructor at IMT Medical Training Centre

Christopher Hood

Emergency Response Driving Instructor

Christopher has over 10 years of experience working in the Ambulance sector for both NHS Ambulance Trusts and Private Ambulance Services, and over 8 years of experience in training, assessing and internal quality assurance.

Christopher joined IMT Medical as an advisor when the company first started in 2017 and took on a full-time position with us in 2020.

Whilst Christopher leads our Compliance internally as IMT’s Clinical Compliance Manager, Christopher has also maintained his CPD and delivered training for IMT Medical Nationally and has taken on the additional role of our Emergency Response Driving Instructor.

I believe the most important qualities for an effective trainer is to be approachable and supportive. A trainer should be able to engage with any learner and create a safe learning environment. In addition to this, a trainer should also ensure that learners feel supported and guided throughout their entire learning and development, supporting them to reach their full potential and set goals.
I believe my own training style to be relaxed though professional. Throughout any training I like to balance different learning methods in order to keep learners motivated. I achieve this through the use of images, videos, group work and practical application. I have found that using a variety of methods keeps learners engaged and are less likely to lose interest compared to only looking at slides.
I work for IMT Medical as it has great meaning to me. Whilst I was working for the NHS Ambulance Service, I assisted IMT’s Director with his plans in building his vision of IMT Medical even down to the design of the logo, IMT’s Director had a big vision to support the NHS and all those who require private ambulance services and training. Before I took on a permanent role with IMT, I assisted alongside others by setting them up and putting in place what they required to become CQC registered, I also provided training to their first ambulance members of staff in order for them to carry out their first jobs. As IMT became fully established, I was offered a full time role as their Clinical Manager which then through time developed into the position of National Clinical Compliance Manager for a company of over 150 members of staff. Whilst being in this role I have never stepped away from training and I balance both of these roles and responsibilities and maintain my CPD and own education in order to provide the highest standard.

Eleesha - Lead Clinical Educator at IMT Medical Training Centre

Ellesha Curry

Lead Clinical Educator

Ellesha is our Lead Clinical Educator. Ellesha has over 6 years of experience working as an Emergency Department Nurse and over 3 years of experience in the education and training sector. Ellesha has a well-versed pallet of experience in Emergency Hospital and also Prehospital care, working alongside NHS Ambulance crews and providing medical event cover. In addition to this, Ellesha has also delivered Advanced Life Support training across the country, and uses these skills to make her ongoing teaching skills very influential. Ellesha is passionate about Emergency Care and educating others. Her previous learners and colleagues speak highly of her.

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