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What does it mean to be a

Qualsafe Registered Training Centre?

Qualsafe is a leading qualification Awarding Organisation in the UK, that is involved in raising the standards of qualifications and training materials. Recognised by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), Qualsafe training courses offer a valuable pathway for those who wish to acquire new skills and knowledge in various areas, enhancing their professional growth and contributing to safer and more compliant workplaces.

Qualsafe operates in two main areas

Awarding Organisation

They are an Ofqual recognised awarding organisation in the UK, which means they develop and regulate qualifications across various industries.

Training Materials Provider

They are also the UK’s number one supplier of first aid training books, with their materials being used by over 8 million learners and 2,500 training providers in the UK.

As a Qualsafe registered centre, IMT Medical has been approved by Qualsafe to deliver their accredited qualifications. This approval signifies that our centre and facilities meet the strict quality standards set by Qualsafe, ensuring learners receive high-quality training and qualifications.

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What it means to be a Qualsafe registered centre

During the approval process, Qualsafe assessed the standards of the IMT Medical Training Centre in Scunthorpe on various criteria, including:

Trainer qualifications and experience

Trainers delivering Qualsafe courses must possess the necessary qualifications and documented experience relevant to the specific subject areas.

Teaching practices

The centre’s teaching methods must adhere to Qualsafe’s established standards to ensure effective learning.

Quality assurance practices

The company needs to demonstrate a robust system for internal quality control to ensure consistent delivery of the qualifications and adherence to Qualsafe’s standards.

Facilities and resources

The company must have suitable facilities and resources to deliver the training effectively, including appropriate learning materials and equipment.

Maintaining Registration.

Once approved, we are recognised as a Qualsafe registered centre. However, maintaining registration requires our ongoing commitment to quality and compliance:

Annual renewal

Our training centre needs to renew its registration annually, typically involving a review process to ensure continued adherence to Qualsafe’s standards.

Internal audits

Our training centre must conduct regular internal audits to monitor its own practices and identify areas for improvement.

Compliance updates

Our training centre needs to remain updated on any changes to Qualsafe’s policies, procedures, and qualification specifications to maintain compliance.

All of these conditions not only maintain the strict quality standards of the centre but also ensure the most up-to-date training courses, practices and methods are available to learners.

Our dedicated Training and Development team have taken the time to develop Qualsafe approved classroom based course delivery. This traditional format involves in-person lectures, practical exercises, and assessments under the guidance of a qualified trainer.

Choosing Qualsafe approved training centre,

IMT Medical, offers several advantages for learners:

Confidence in quality

Learners can be assured they are receiving high-quality training that meets industry standards.

Nationally recognised qualifications

The qualifications offered by these centres are regulated by Ofqual, which means they are recognized throughout the UK.

Access to qualified trainers

Learners benefit from the expertise and experience of trainers who have been approved by Qualsafe.

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The delivery of Qualsafe training courses leads to a qualification recognised by Qualsafe Awards. These courses are typically focused on health, safety, and compliance skills. Some of our most popular Qualsafe Training courses include First Response Emergency Care (FREC) and Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving (CERAD)

In certain industries, holding a Qualsafe qualification may be mandatory to comply with legal requirements. Our trainers are able to advise you on the best course pathway for your desired career outcome.

We believe in providing our customers with the best in their medical training, ensuring our learners gain valuable skills and knowledge to equip them with the necessary skills and information to perform their job safely and effectively. Possessing a Qualsafe qualification can be beneficial when seeking employment, demonstrating your commitment to your professional development and compliance with relevant regulations.

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What does it mean to be a Qualsafe Registered Training Centre?

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